Ika Butoni logoButoni Limited was established in 1983 by Indonesian born Hong Kong based designer, Ika Butoni. She is the Chief Designer and Managing Director of the Company. Being a manufacturer as well as a couture house, the Company has built a steady and well-founded name in the apparel industry.

Her partner, John Keilman, joined Butoni in 1993 and has become the solid pillar in the development and daily operation of the Company.

Under his management, Butoni maintains a strong and leading persona.

Both Ika and John are passionate about their work and preserve their unique design identity throughout the decades. Their characteristics have always been the firm foundation of Butoni’s product lines.

The Company produces high end fashion that specializes in woman apparel. The garment simultaneously creates a distinctive mixture of tradition and modernity. Its typical designs vary throughout the industry trend and offer a unique blend of product lines ranging from blouses/tops, shirts, dresses, jackets to long gowns and etc.

Preserving the authenticity, Butoni is open to accommodate new ideas and modifications leveraging the art of couture towards the sublime fashion.

All Butoni’s works focus on details. They create intricate patterns, handworks, embroideries and add accessories as final touch to the end lines. The techniques concentrate on piping, slicing, patchwork and beading amongst others. Each element is thoughtfully selected and composed, elevating the vibrant aura into the products.

With Ika’s visionary lead, the company delivers their product globally. The company has been manufacturing and exporting to over 50 buyers in Europe, Japan, South East Asia, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, South America and the United States.

Their success is credited to a great team work. Consisted of hard working, committed personnel, they are dedicated to producing high quality garments that ensures the customer satisfaction.


Being a culturally rich fashion house, we pride ourselves in creating a unique style of clothing. We are the brand that implements a cross cultural awareness towards a diversified beauty, while our valuable customers would feel being extraordinary personality wearing our outfits.


To excel ourselves in all fashion and design aspects and keep the best interests of our clientele.