Thousand Knots and Love

The ancient knotting technique – Macramé – has long evolved into today’s decorative craft. Macramé is the art of tying hundreds of knots together to complete a unique piece of art. Each knot is infused with the feeling of the vibrating view of the wave of the sea… finished in the vast calm openness of the view of the mountain. Thousands of knots later.

This Wearable Art is an art of patience and lots of love… It can be worn dressed up or down, for the occasional or everyday wear. While the waxed twine is durable, lightweight in nature, and comfortable against the skin. The length is adjustable with a loop and ties at the back or finished with silver hook closure.These colorful and unique shape artworks combine different knots together condensing effort of designers and craftsmen. Complex grain lines were carefully woven by the artisans, and turned into modern stylish patterns, adding auspicious ornaments woven to create unique patterns. Some of these macramé were adorned with stones such as CHRYSOCOLLA CUPRITE, which believed to have the Healing powers – blending the energies of masculine and feminine, of power and gentleness. The stones associated with serenity, tranquility, peace, patience, tolerance, acceptance, unconditional love, meditation, calmness, hope gentleness and sensitivity. It assists us in dealing with female relationships, mother, sister, daughter, wife or a female partner. It is also said to be helpful in dealing with major problems: irrational anxieties and terror from past traumas. JASPER – stimulates sexuality and fertility, combats exhaustion, symbolizes will power. AGATE – soothing a calming stone and helps facilitates acceptance of one’s self. It also enhances mental function as they improve concentration, perception, and analytical abilities, leading to practical solutions. It encourages speaking one’s own truth and can also stimulate memories. While other stones – Some create very special energy, strong, like an amulet of power.

Artisans use cotton waxed cord or traditional and environmental friendly materials and techniques of weaving. With unique artwork, the effort is difficult to assess. With their creative input surrounded by the paddy fields, the Balinese Maestros put their imaginations to reality, to be appreciated by beautiful women across the oceans.

IKA BUTONI has two series for wax cord accessories; HARMONY – dyed into elegant and implicit colors, suitable for day-to-day wear. MELODY – dyed into the feel of evening breeze with bright colors, suitable to participate in any variety of special occasions and activities which make the wearer ravishingly beautiful. Whichever the piece chosen, they are presented to the wearer with Thousand Knots and Love.

Fabric talks

Ika Butoni is a combination of a designer’s passion for her culture and rational creative thinking, each creation beautifully constructed using only the most sophisticated and diverse fabric selections. Materials are carefully inspected before they are cut and finished with delicate embroideries, laces and accessories to create entirely unique textures.The culmination of this process reveals a final piece full of grace and elegance, a modern interpretation of classic techniques that proves to be just as timeless. Coupled with distinguished service and professionalism, Ika Butoni promises to bring out the best in you.