Beauty and the Beast

Fall/Winter 2012 show
Hong Kong

Beauty is the manifestation of the sublime aesthetic while Beast conveys a derogatory symbolization.

Beauty is mostly associated with physical elegance, class, and charm. It is outlined as something that is pleasing to the eye. Beast is seen as brute, savage, and villainous.

In this season’s Fall / Winter collection, IKA went in deeper and explored a new dimension of Beauty and the Beast.

The 2012 F/W collection portrays “Beauty in the Beast.” Its underlying point lies in seeing beyond the package and seeing the beauty underneath.

Beauty is seen as smooth and unobstructed. But while the Beast is seen as rather inhibited and rugged, it shows character—a beauty in the ugly.

The broad jacket accentuated by red, represented by blood, epitomizes aggressiveness.

Different shades of black and dark contrasts conjure a dark side of nature.

Furry edges and accents dramatized the beastly look and yet simultaneously softening the sharp edges to bring out a balanced soft look.

Iridescent dark tones of snake skin contrasting with regimented lines in a strapless top and mini skirt creates a new order.

The blend of pure black and pure white creates a melodious visual tone.

The elegant colours of grape and lilac, the graceful swerving and curvature patterns ripple like water across the feminine body. It is in sharp contrast to the beast that tells the story of beauty.

A touch of creamy white in translucence draped on the graceful subtle curves of the bodice draws you deeper into the garden.

Like the fairytale, the Beast engaged in a united kiss of love with the beautiful Belle. The whole composition and blend transformed the beast into a surprising beauty that gives way to all things exquisite.