Spring/Summer 2007 show
Hong Kong

From the strong love of her native country, Ika has always been inspired by Indonesian art and culture in developing her collections, these creations have been successfully sold in numerous fashion markets of the world. JAVA is the fashion design theme.
Wayang (the Indonesian traditional shadow puppet) plays a great role in the tradition of Indonesian art and culture. The positive and the negative sides of human qualities are conveyed in the stories told during the shadow puppet performance. The stories are full of wisdom and rules of honesty for people to remember day by day. In this advancing world, we tend to forget the importance of personal values in daily life. The popularity of Wayang in Indonesia tradition has led to the creation of famous wayang icons such as Arjuna and Yudistira. They both have been thought of when referring to desirable human traits. Wayang has become the symbol of true human qualities in life.
This positive teaching of Wayang is presented by Ika in her Java collection. The silhouette of wayang figures is used as part of the fabric decorating technique in the collection. Using a laser cut method upon the material, the finished wayang silhouette possesses the real cutting effect seen on the original shadow puppet.

Batik is linked very closely to wayang, where figures are covered using batik cloth. The classical motif of batik also becomes one of the inspirations in the fabric motif used by Ika in her Java collection. Presented in a modern, international taste, these traditional motifs give a more dynamic and fresh look to the collection.

There are many ways to be involved in the on-going worldly promotion of the mystical Indonesia chain of islands. Ika chooses creative fashion as her vehicle to expose the true beauty of Indonesian art and culture together with the positive values that lie within this extremely rich tradition.