IKA BUTONI’s 2017 Collection

IKA BUTONIís 2017 Collection
Sustainable fashion has become a mainstream fashion trend for this new century – an era of fashion detox, turning left over & unused pieces and combine into a new fashion style with the help of technology while creativity in design helps shape the future of fashion. Going green is the way forward from basic to luxury.

Year 2017 is a year of big chances in the world. People are somewhat uncertain about which direction the world is heading. Hence they seek things of comfort offered to them from era past. Yet they constantly hunger for change that can bring freshness, surprises & inspiration to life. Back to the basics but with a twist of modernity through technology not forgetting the principles of sustainable fashion. This is the general mood of the fashion industry.

IKA, the renowned fashion designer who is deeply rooted in nature and culture, digs into her soul to bring forth a new collection that truly reflects her commitment to sustainable fashion. Reduce, reuse, recycle & upcycle, restore, reclaim, repair, recover, renew, even revolutionize and much more are applied to her 2017 collection.

Inspired by nature’s blue skies, green fields, fresh air, and the feeling of open landscape found in the countryside she grew up in Indonesia, guided by the principle of sustainable design backed by technology, she sprung new ideas and breathed a breakthrough, marking a new era of IKA fashion design.

Blue is recognized as an eco-colour as it is the colour of the sky and the waters. It is also a colour closely associated with denim, a fabric which represents tradition as well as the future, durability, functional, constantly evolving and changing with the times, a perennial and perpetual fashion trend. Green comes from blue but surpasses blue in brightness and clarity. Subtle grey pervades through the indigo blue to bring softness. This is the colour theme of IKA’s 2017 collection.

In IKA’s 2017 collection, you can find traces of her signature style, blurred with sustainable elements always supported by technology. She plucks fabrics & materials of different textures and combined them into a design of harmony. It is a mix of hi & lo, basic material with fine details with traces of ethnic or funky, discipline or bohemian, smooth, sleek or cozy furry, sportive or high fashion, craftsmanship or artisanship, streamline or free spirited silhouettes, are scattered throughout her collection. It is calm sparkled with delightful surprises.

To produce eco-friendly creative fashion is her new direction & her contribution to a sustainable world in 2017.
– Vicky Sung
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